Getting the Best Church Video Production


As with any building, the size and acoustics of the structure itself must be taken into consideration before you plan a church video production. Do you have an area large enough for the viewing screen? Unless your Church owns it’s own audio/visual equipment, it is suggested you call ahead to the equipment rental company you plan to use and get an exact measurement of the equipment you’ll be renting. In some cases the viewing screens can be quite large and require several feet of open floor space. It is also recommended that you get an estimate of the time required in which to set the equipment up. You will want to allow sufficient time for testing the equipment once you have it placed as well. Make sure the viewing screen is visible to the entire audience, and that no electrical power cords or other potentially dangerous items are placed in or on walkways.

Do You Already Have a Sound System?

Do you have an existing sound system, or will you need to rent or buy a sound system? If your Church has an existing sound system, you will want to make sure it’s rated for the output of the video system you plan to use. In some cases, you may need additional equipment. This is something your rental agent can help you determine if you’re renting your video equipment. It is recommended that you allow sufficient time to run thorough sound checks on your sound equipment once you’ve installed or hooked up the components and/or speakers. Proper acoustics are critical to a successful Church video production! Make sure the source of the sound isn’t too close to your audience, or that you don’t have “hot” and “cold” spots where the level of the sound varies greatly.

Public Safety

Public safety is always priority number one with any public gathering. Before your production begins, it is recommended that you advise your audience of the location of emergency exits and fire extinguishers. Once the lights are turned off inside the building, it can become easy to be disoriented. It is recommended that if your video production is quite lengthy, you plan for breaks of at least fifteen minutes. This will allow you to bring the lights back up and your audience sufficient time to make necessary trips. As your Church video production ends, it is recommended that you advise your audience to remain seated until you have brought the lights back up.